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Nuflow has the ability to repair pipes without the hassle of pipe excavation or causing damage to infrastructure by digging.
"No Excavation" drainage repair that can be used to fix drains without destroying the surrounding environment.

Using this technology, drains can be repaired under busy roads without interrupting traffic flow, or under your house slab, driveway or garden, saving you the misfortune, inconvenience and expense of digging up your valuable property.

Nuflow drain repair is a permanent solution which has a structural strength greater than that of the original pipe, therefore stopping the drain from collapsing and eliminating further costs and excavation. The internal pipe will permanently seal the wall of the pipe, leaving a very smooth bore and eliminating any additional root intrusion into the affected area.

Nuflow pipe rehabilitation is rapidly becoming the preferred method of repairing drains and pipelines due to its cost savings and minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We are able to install either a metre patch or a line up to 40 metres at one time, and we can reline around bends and junctions.



Blueline can solve issues with leaking or blocked storm water and water pipes without excavating, meaning minimal damage and disruption to your home and no being stuck with expensive infrastructure repair bills. 

Have you noticed:

Toilets and sinks are filling up fast and receding slowly?
Drainage overflow outside the house?
Wet spots appearing on walls?
Pooling on floors?

These signs all indicate you could have a blocked drain or leaking pipe.


step 1

First we investigate the lines using the latest in scoping cameras and cleaning equipment. This will help us determine what the best course of action may be for you.

At Klee Plumbers, all of our work is 100% transparent to you, our valued customer. Pipe reliningThis means that we share all of your video and photo information so that you can advise us on the solution that serves you best.

Basically, we scope your lines and offer options for the methods of repair, and allow you to compare and decide. At no time are you under any obligation to buy from us or to hire us. Of course we do charge for the camera and/or pipe cleaning work, but if you do decide to hire us, and we hope that you will, the cost of the inspection is included in your replacement costs.

When we are getting ready to reline your pipe, we start by re-televising the pipe and perform a pre-video. While our initial video was for evaluation purposes, the second one provides exact measurements and details that we need to build your cured-in-place pipe.

step 2
step 1

At this stage we custom fabricate a new pipe liner that is size and dimension-specific to your requirements. The precise nature of our methods ensures an average diameter reduction of only 4 millimetres.

The new pipe will be cured under pressure to ensure a tight and constant fit. Research has proven that cured-in-place pipe will actually improve the flow of liquid by up to 30%.

We then manufacture your liner using our two-part epoxy in Pipe reliningour workshop, in a quality controlled environment. Upon completing the fabrication of your liner we impregnate the material with the mixed epoxy resin. Here’s where we use our proprietary technologies to ensure that your new cured-in-place pipe is going to be 100% reliable and trouble-free. At Klee Plumbers we are so confident in this technology that we offer our 40 YEAR WARRANTY!

Step 3
step 1

At the job site we string in a winch line through the main to the nearest manhole or access point where we set up a winch as a means to pull in the liner. This allows us to position it within the lateral and install it from your existing clean-out without excavation. This gives us a pull-in point to connect to our liner from the clean-out to the winch cable, where we then pull the liner in its soft flexible uncured state within your pipe to the exact points where we need to start and stop the liner.

Pipe reliningOnce in place, we use heat and pressure to round out and create a thermal reaction to cure the resin and transform it into a hardened plastic permanent pipe. When the resin sets in place, we remove the installation materials and your new seamless jointless pipe is ready for use.

You now have a seamless, joint-less epoxy resin enhanced cured-in-place pipe that is as good if not better than new. The new pipe is designed and engineered for a minimum 40 year sewer life. Our products have been designed and tested to exceed specifications for any new pipe installations, and are capable of being used on their own without any other host pipe to support them. We follow up with a recorded post video upon cleanup and provide "before" and "after" videos on CD or DVD for your records, together along with a written warranty.